1.5BBL 2HL jacketed conical fermentor unitank

Ten Benefits of the BREWHA System

The BREWHA BIAC (Brew In A Conical) complete brewing system makes brewing simpler, easier and more enjoyable—it is the simplest way to make the best beer.

This unique 5-in-1 (mash, boil, ferment, carbonate and serve) system has many advantages.


Perfect Sanitation Every Time

Good sanitation (keeping unwanted microbes out) is the single most critical factor for producing great beer. With the BIAC fermentor doubling as a boil kettle, the heat of the boil will provide perfect, chemical-free, heat sanitation every time. Chemical cleaners and sanitizers are not needed as they are with other brewing systems, saving time and money, and giving you peace of mind that your beer will taste its best (and nasty chemical residues aren't in your beer)!


Smallest Brewing Footprint of Any Brewing System

Mashing of grain occurs directly in the fermenter, removing the need for a separate hot liquor kettle, mash tun and boil kettle requiring up to 70% less floor space. Customers have opened successful 30BBL breweries with as small as a 150sf brew room.


Lowest Water Consumption

Uses 67% less water; while traditional brew systems use approximately 5-7 pints of water for every pint of beer produced, the BREWHA BIAC needs less than 2 making it have the lowest water demand of any brewing system; with the heat of the boil sanitizing the system, the extensive chemical scrubbing, cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing that wastes all that water is no longer needed.

Advantage #4


With systems ranging from 20L/5gal to 1760L/15BBL, recipes developed in the small pilot systems can be easily adapted/scaled up to commercial microbrewery production using the identical brewing methods and techniques perfected at the smaller scale.

Advantage #5


If more fermentation capacity is needed, simply add another BIAC 4-in-1 conical fermentor (includes stainless immersion heating elements and ETC temperature controller) —the Mash Colander (that comes with the BIAC) can be used to produce more wort/(beer) directly in each additional 4-in-1 fermenter.

Advantage #6


More than 30% less capital and installation expense than comparable systems. Even though it is made with highest quality materials, since there are less vessels, less supporting hardware, less installation and maintenance expenses and less labor expenses, it costs significantly less than a full, traditional 4 vessel system. Customers have opened successful brewpubs for as little as $200k

Advantage #7

Shorter Brew Day & Lower Labor Costs

With less vessels to setup and cleanup, and less steps in the brewing process (e.g. transferring water/wort) a batch of wort takes up to 25% less time to produce.

Advantage #8


Can produce all types of beer as the brewer has near infinite control over the brewing process (can also be used for producing wine and even spirits with the optional Shotgun Condensing Assembly) and with heat sanitation, styles like kettle sours can be safely brewed in the same equipment without worry of microbial cross-contamination.

Advantage #9

Full Control

With a programmable controller and input over each step of the brewing process, there is maximum control over every detail in the brewing process yielding the best product and repeatability.

Advantage #10

Lowest Risk of Oxidation and Contamination

Since there is no transfer, the BREWHA system has the least risk of oxygen and microbial exposure, ensuring that you are serving your customers the freshest, tastiest beer possible.

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