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Non Mixing Steam Condenser

Non Mixing Steam Condenser

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This adjustable steam condenser (condensor) kit can fit any diameter of BREWHA complete brewing system (1.5BBL Brewing System, 3BBL Brewing System, 5BBL Brewing System and 7BBL Brewing System) and can be used in place of an exhaust system to condense steam from the boil. It comes with one 6" sight glass, one 60cm/23" heat exchanger, one 4m by 6" low-pressure steam hose (needs to be cut to size), a 6" x 1.5" sanitary reducer (to connect a drain hose to), clamps, gaskets and a valve (to retain water in the jacket of the exchanger). The cart model also includes a cart to mount the exchanger on and one 6" by 90 degree elbow; the wall-mounted model also includes two 6" by 90 degree elbows, and a wall mount for the heat exchanger. With the site glass one is able to observe into the boil kettle during boil, as well as slow down the boil during hot break to keep foam from entering the condenser. The elbows make the system fully adjustable for different widths of tanks. This non-mixing/surface shell in tube heat exchanger condenses the boil vapor. With a heat exchanger (unlike the spray method of most commercial condensers) the cooling water stream is not mixed with the brew vapor (and does not therefore contain any undesirable compounds such as DMS that are being removed from the wort), one is able to capture the cooling water for use in the next brew, resulting in less water wasted and with multiple pieces (instead of one large bulky piece) it is easier to install. 

Warning: Never seal a vessel closed when heating as it will quickly overpressure; always have lots of open unrestricted venting (the steam condensor is designed to be unrestricted; do NOT place a valve on the exit of the condensor but always leave that completely open to the atmosphere) and it is recommended to install two pressure relief valve / vacuum breakers on the lid as additional safety

Note: when assembling, keep the assembly close to the vessel and allow it to rest on and against the vessel in order to reduce strain on the assembly.

Note: as an example of cooling capacity, with 30kWh heating (the different BREWHA systems have different heating capacity so this is an average), this system condenses out 34L/9gal of water in an hour, with 340L/90gal of 11C/52F cooling water. Changing power input for boil rate, flow rate of cooling water, and temperature of cooling water will all impact cooling rates.

Note: if foaming during the boil proves problematic (this will mostly likely be the case once the lid is installed), food-safe, vegetable oil-based anti-foaming agents (e.g. Patco 376 or Atmos 300k), or Fermcap-S (silica-based) can be added to the wort prior to boil to prevent foaming. 

Note: Fermentor is NOT included; actual product may vary slightly from image

Dry Weight: 52kg/114lb

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