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Potable Water Flow Meter (Single Jet)

Potable Water Flow Meter (Single Jet)

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Note: These units are on sale as the printer made a printing error on the faceplate of this production run; temperature rating states <70°C(158°F) but should read <80°C(176°F).

This accurate and reliable Single Jet Water Flow Meter is useful for metering the amount of water going into your brewery brew system. It is recommended to install it in a horizontal orientation and flow rate should exceed 1L/minute for accurate reading. Connects to either a 1/2" NPT coupling, or 1.5" tri-clamp compatible ferrules. The meter has been tested and certified by WRAS for sanitary water supply and have a dial measuring precision of 0.1L and are >98.5% accurate. The meter is recommended for use with water <80°C/176°F. 

The digital resettable counter option displays water volume in 1 unit increments (ie. 1L) and has a 120cm/4' cord length and is removable (from the meter) when not in use.

Flow Meter (L) manual

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