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Mash Colander Lifting Beam

Mash Colander Lifting Beam

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This stainless steel lifting beam with quick connects attaches to the 3BBL or 5BBL Mash Colander heavy lifting hook for easily removing the Colander once mashing is complete. The Stainless Lifting Beam for the 3BBL and 5BBL Mash Colanders are rated 2000lb, come with stainless bolted shackles for easy attachment and reduce the overhead clearance necessary for lifting the Colander out of the fermenter.

Please note: all beams should be strength tested before use and for safety, do NOT walk under a suspended mash colander. Picture below is of the 5BBL Lifting Beam. May not be exactly as shown.

Video: Lifting the Mash Colander out of the 3-in-1

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