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7BBL 8HL 4-in-1 Jacketed Conical Fermentor Unitank

7BBL 8HL 4-in-1 Jacketed Conical Fermentor Unitank

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All-purpose anything seldom lives up to expectations—this is one exception. Boil kettle, chiller, conical fermenter and brite tank . . . in one. 

This conical fermentor is identical to the 3-in-1 conical fermentor, with the only addition that it has thicker walls, and a domed lid with clamp fasteners to permit up to 14.9psi of pressure inside the vessel. Once fermentation is completed, the yeast can be dumped out the bottom (or captured in the Yeast Harvester), CO2 injected to carbonate the beer, and beer lines connected to your tap. (The Lindr Kontakt Chiller and Dispensor can chill your beer and ready it for serving.)

Easy. Tiny footprint. Less time. And perfect sanitation for best tasting beer. 

The 4-in-1 can be used by itself for extract based beers, or with the Mash Colander for all-grain brews. (For a complete, simple, cost-effective all-grain brewing system that includes the 4-in-1, refer to the BREWHA BIAC Complete All-in-one Brewery Equipment Package.)

Multiple 4-in-1s can be added to your brewery to increase your production volume and ensure you have a steady supply of beer.

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