Shipping policy

Shipping is something none of us like to pay for, but if we consider that shipping allows us to shop the world, from our living room, it is pretty amazing.

At BREWHA we do all we can to keep shipping charges as low as possible; we don't add any markup to shipping charges and we are constantly checking different carriers for the lowest price and best service. 

Small Packages

For all small packages (that normally means items ~50kg/110lb or less) we use UPS and we ship 'Standard/Ground' as it is the cheapest. Most orders will ship out within 48 hours and delivery time ranges from 2 days if you are local, to about 10 days if you are on the far side of the continent in a remote area. Pricing for UPS shipping is directly linked to our UPS account, which means that the price you see is automatically generated, carrier calculated rates. Typically this means shipping for a small package will cost between $10 and $50. If in a rare circumstance you are in a pinch and need rush shipping, contact us and we can probably accommodate you (although UPS will charge 2-3 times as much). (Note: UPS Access Point means you will pick your package up at a local UPS Store or partner. It generally results in lower rates.)

Sometimes people give feedback that they are annoyed because they only want a $20 part from us, and the shipping is $15. We understand, that is annoying. But again, we don't add any markup on shipping and considering that the part is picked up from our door on the west coast, traveling 3000 miles, and being delivered to your door on the east coast, for $15, is pretty remarkable. We don't have the billion dollar volume that Amazon has, so we can't get flat rate volume pricing, but because we do ship a fair bit, we get a pretty decent discount over published rates. We don't use the postal system as we want all our shipments to have tracking, it is only marginally cheaper, and we haven't found it to be as reliable. If you don't receive your tracking within a few days of ordering, check your spam folder. If it isn't there, reach out to us using the form at this link.

Large Freight

For most items over 50kg/110lb, which includes most of our brewing systems, we ship your order on a pallet/skid with a freight carrier which is the safest way to get your brewing equipment to you. We use the most reliable, and least costly carrier for your order. Because we have customers all over the world, and carriers normally have their 'best' routes, we use many different carriers. For deliveries throughout Canadian provinces and the US lower 48, delivery times range from about 4-12 days, depending how close you are to us. If you have a forklift or dock to be able to unload your order, let us know as that will save you the $50-100 that carriers add to deliver with a lift gate. When delivering to residences, or rural areas, carriers generally add $100-150, so if you are ordering for your home brewery, but have a business, or friend with a business where you can have it delivered, let us know as that will save you some money. When delivering to residences, carriers deliver 'curbside' which means if you have a large country estate, they are only obligated to drop it where your property meets the county road.

When your freight ships, we will email you a picture of your order. This should be used to compare your goods when they arrive, to note any damage that might have occurred in transit and/or if any pieces are missing. If goods are damaged or missing, it is very important to note this in writing on the Bill of Lading before you sign off (or insurance will likely be denied as carriers will furnish the signed BL as proof of safe delivery). Because freight carriers will often use multiple partners, tracking is often not available for a few days. If you haven't received tracking within 4 days of receiving the photo of your shipment from us, please reach out to us. 

All goods delivered throughout Canada and the US, are delivered prepaid for all border related fees. Your province or state may levy the provincial/state tax or want you to self assess (some provinces/states are starting to do that).

For international orders, we typically deliver CFS (Container Freight Station) at the nearest major port. It will take about 4-6 weeks for your goods to arrive at the nearest port once we ship it out. This article has more information on importing goods. 


We understand that building delays sometimes mean you are not ready to receive your order, when we are ready to ship it. We will store equipment for up to four weeks past the agreed ship date, but after that, there will be a storage charge of 0.5%/day as we have limited warehouse space and may need to store elsewhere. If you want to put a deposit in early, but are unsure of the exact ship date, let us know and we can work something out.

If you have any questions, reach out to us using the form at this link.