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Grain Bag

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This bag makes loading grain into the Mash Colander a snap. Place the empty bag on a pallet and push it under the grain mill. The bag has a spouted top which can tie around the mill chute to minimize dust. When all the grain is milled, connect the bag to the overhead hoist and raise over the Mash Colander. Then open the bottom discharge spout and empty grain into the Colander. Mix the mash with the BREWHA Mash Mixer and begin mashing. Loading grain has never been easier!

The Medium bag holds 100lbs of grain (17x17x26"H; 43x43x66cmH) and the Large can hold 160lbs (24x24x23"H; 60x60x53cmH).

Note: the two strap handles can be tied off shorter to reduce the height needed for clearance

Video: Brewing 5BBL of craft beer in the 5BBL BIAC

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