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1 3 5 7BBL Complete brewing system
complete microbrewery equipment setup
Mash tun insert for conical fermenter
7BBL 8HL Brewery Equipment BIAC Beer Brewing System
brewery touchscreen programmable controller
brewery electric heating element ULWD
beer brewing electronic temperature sensor controller
water solenoid
brewery microbrewery brewpub beer pump
3psi 15psi pressure relief valve for fermenter
low pressure water requlator
sparge arm and vorlauf float for recirculation hose
high temperature braided food grade silicone hose
Colander lifting bar
wort aeration stone
santiary tri clamp valves
water flow meter
1.5" tri clamp CIP clean in place
mash mixer
grain bag
heavy duty stainless casters

7BBL 8HL Brewery Equipment BIAC Beer Brewing System

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Nothing is better for business than delicious craft beer. And nothing brews delicious craft beer better than the BREWHA® BIAC®.

The patented BREWHA complete beer brewing equipment all-in-one system for home, micro-breweries and brew pubs is a high-quality, affordable, flexible, turnkey brewing system that makes brewing simpler, more enjoyable, and easier to do. The exclusive, patented design is the only brewing system where the entire process (mashing, boiling, and fermenting) occurs in the portable conical fermenter saving you space, time, and money. And with the boil occurring in the fermenter, you achieve perfect heat sanitation without the use of nasty chemicals, ensuring that you are drinking the freshest, best tasting beer possible.

Scaling up is easy with the BREWHA system as the recipes and experience learned on a smaller sized system can be easily translated to the larger sizes. 

Brewery capacity can be easily expanded by adding additional 4-in-1 BIAC conical fermentor unitanks from this page. Each additional BREWHA fermenter can be directly brewed in when used with the mashing and heating hardware purchased with a BIAC brewing system, saving time, space and ensuring perfect sanitation for best results.

The BREWHA system comes with highest-quality parts and electrical touchscreen power controllers that are third-party inspected and certified for safety by CSA or ETL/Intertek under Canada's SPE1000 (most jurisdictions throughout Canada and the US recognize this certification, but final approval rests with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction/AHJ; confirm with local authority before purchase).

The BREWHA Microbrewery system includes a wedge wire false bottom in the Mash Colander and a 14.9psi pressure rating on the 4-in-1 fermenter (fermenters can be used as brite or serving tanks). 

Note: Volumes listed above in parenthesis are for suggested batch size, gross tank volume is higher; see specifications page for tank and batch size.


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