How to make beer with the BREWHA BIAC brewing system

In this video we demonstrate in 12 steps how to make fantastic beer using the BREWHA BIAC beer brewing system. We will be making 118L/31USG/1BBL of beer, however, the recipe can be easily scaled up or down to any of the seven sizes that we sell using a program such as BrewFather. The BREWHA BIAC is the simplest way to brew the best beer. It is simplest to set up, it is simplest to operate, and it is simplest to clean, all the while taking up the smallest footprint of any commercial system, and using the least amount of water, while still providing full control over the brewing process so that you can make the best tasting beer, exactly how you want it.
00:29 BREWHA BIAC Introduction
01:24 Brewing an Amber Ale
02:20 Step 1 Heating Water
05:25 Step 2 Mashing
10:32 Step 3 Vorlauf
11:04 Step 4 Lautering and Heatup
13:06 Step 5 Boiling
15:58 Step 6 Cooling
19:27 Step 7 Filtering and Resting Wort, Pitching Yeast
20:56 Step 8 Rinsing out the Mash Colander and Pump Assembly
21:15 Step 9 Fermentation
22:48 Step 10 Conditioning and Carbonation
24:44 Step 11 Racking/Transferring to Bottles or Kegs
25:10 Step 12 Cleaning the Fermenter for the Next Brew

Note: This video follows the brewing section (starting pg 45) in the BREWHA manual

Assembly video for the BREWHA BIAC brewing system
Benefits of the BIAC complete microbrewery system
BIAC complete microbrewery system product page

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