Microbrewery BIAC

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Nothing is better for business than delicious craft beer. And nothing brews delicious craft beer, better, than the BREWHA® BIAC®.

The patented BIAC complete, all-in-one brewing system for micro-breweries is a high-quality, affordable, flexible, turnkey system that makes brewing simpler, more enjoyable, and easier to do. The exclusive, patented design is the only brewing system where the entire process (mashing, boiling, and fermenting) occurs in the conical fermenter saving space, time, and money while ensuring perfect sanitation for best results. With a domed lid and thicker steel than the Homebrewery models, the new Microbrewery BIAC 4-in-1 fermenter can be pressurized up to 14.9psi.

Easily expand out your brewery by adding additional 4-in-1 fermenters from this page

Video: Brewing 5BBL of craft beer in the 5BBL BIAC
Video: Benefits of the Microbrewery BIAC
Benefits of the BIAC
Video: Installing your BIAC brewery
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