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240V Tabletop Electric Brewing Power Controller

240V Tabletop Electric Brewing Power Controller

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Safe and precise power output.

The BREWHA Tabletop Electric Power Controller is an economical controller that allows brewers to safely control 240V electricity to a BREWHA 2000W, 4500W or 5500W water heating element. Power (on/off) can be automatically adjusted through the use of the ETC (during mash to precisely regulate temperature) or manually adjusted with the digital dial on the front of the controller (preventing boil over and to control the rate of water evaporation). 

The tabletop model (view the wall-mounted, programmable touchscreen controller here) is contained in a sleek aluminum bench top box, an L6-30 receptacle for heating element, and has a digital power controller that allows the user to precisely adjust output power from 0% to 100% by turning the digital rotary encoder (the encoder has 1% resolution). 

The Power Box can easily connect to existing household 240V/30A circuits through its 14-30 plug (the four prong type found on most clothes dryers; if you need an adapter to plug the Power Box into a 14-50 wall receptacle like the four prong receptacle for most electric ovens, one can be purchased online here; Asia model comes without the plug, which customer can add according to their local requirements). Controllers are certified by CSA or ETL/Intertek under Canada's SPE1000 (most jurisdictions throughout Canada and the US recognize this certification, but final approval rests with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction/AHJ so it is recommended to confirm before purchase). See the NEW wall-mounted touchscreen controller here.

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