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BIAC Conical Fermentor
stainless water heater for brewing beer
beer temperature controller
1.5" tri clamp pressure relief valve

BIAC Conical Fermentor

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The BREWHA Microbrewery brewing system includes one fermentor.

Quickly and affordably expand your brewery capacity with these revolutionary jacketed 4-in-1 conical fermentors.

Each fermenter include the following accessories:

With this hardware, each fermenter can be directly brewed in by using the Mash Colander, Pump and Power Controller that are included with the BREWHA Microbrewery complete equipment package.

It's the most economical way to brew the best beer! By boiling directly in the fermenter and not having to chemical clean after each brew, you save time, labor, and eliminate the risk of chemical contamination in your beer.

Note: Volumes listed above in parenthesis is the batch size, gross/total tank volume is higher; see specifications page for volumes.

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