jacketed conical fermentor unitank

The simplest way to brew the best beer.

The BREWHA BIAC is a complete one vessel brewing system ideal for any size of budget or brewing space.

Why Choose the BREWHA System?

How to Start a Brewery on a Shoestring Budget

Three Dogs Brewing started a brewery with minimal overhead cost using the BREWHA BIAC brewing system and fermenters.

Three Dogs Brewing Story

"Could we take it from the home brew level to a professional level?"

Mark proved that you could, using the BIAC system and the product is exceptional.

Skint Chestnut Story

"The system just stood out above everyone else."

Lake Martin Brewing in Alabama minimized costs in a small footprint when opening their nano brewpub using several small BIAC fermenters.

Lake Martin Brewery story

Brewing beer in a desert AND saving water

Learn how Barn Owl opened a successful microbrewery in the dry BC interior. Saving water is just one of the advantages of the BIAC system.

Barn Owl Brewery's Story