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Mash Colander Lifting Cables

Mash Colander Lifting Cables

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These stainless steel cables with quick connects attach to the Small, Medium and Large Mash Colander and a lifting hook for easily removing the Colander once mashing is complete. 

Please note: cables are rated for 200lb maximum load lift at slow lift speed (ie. <4m/12' per minute). They should not be used for any other use other than lifting the Large (or smaller) BREWHA Mash Colander. They should be strength tested before brewing use by lifting 1.25 times your maximum intended load. Do NOT walk under a suspended mash colander. It is important to ensure that the cables are connected to the Mash colander and the customer's lifting device (e.g. hoist) in such a away that the angle of the cables is not less than 60 degrees (see image below) or the strength rating of the cables will decrease and it will not be safe to lift. As with any suspended load, do not lift or drop the load suddenly as quick movement puts much more strain on the apparatus and it may fail. If you have any questions, contact us.

Video: Lifting the Mash Colander out of the 3-in-1

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