Kito 1 Ton Chain Hoist and Geared Trolley

US$ 2,990.00 US$ 2,990.00

These high quality industrial hoists by Kito will let you safely and reliably lift the Mash Colander our of your BREWHA fermenter. 

The hoists come with 15' of lift chain, a chain bag, and a manual geared trolley for moving the hoist on an I beam. They are 1 ton capacity, meet ASME B30.16, are IP55 for dust and water protection (SER model) and at rated capacity the load bearing parts are stressed to only 25% of their limit.

The SER 010L electric chain hoist is single phase and can be wired for 110-220V (220V unless otherwise specified); it has 11' of hand chain for moving the trolley and has 18" headroom (from bottom of I beam to center of lift hook).

The SHB 010 manual chain hoist has 10' of hand chain for moving the trolley, 10' of hand chain for lifting the hook and has only 4.5" headroom (from bottom of I beam to center of lift hook). It is ideal for use with low ceilings where clearance for the Mash Colander is limited (see BIAC specifications page for recommended ceiling heights that will accommodate the electric hoist).

For your gantry we recommend looking at the products offered by Global Industrial as they have a wide selection. For the 5BBL and smaller, a 2000lb gantry is generally sufficient, the 7BBL requires a 4000lb gantry. The 1.5 and 3BBL require minimum 8' inside width (9' or 10' is recommended for convenience), the 5BBL requires minimum 9' width (10' or 11' recommended) and the 7BBL requires minimum 10' inside width (11' or 12' recommended).

Kito chain hoist specifications

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