Four Sight Glass Reflux Distillation Column

US$ 1,350.00 US$ 1,350.00

This column attaches to the center lid port of any BREWHA 4-in-1 fermenter for the production of spirits.


One 4" x 6" reducer to connect to the 1.5BBL and larger 4-in-1 lid; four 4" x 3" sight glass tee; one 4" dephlegmator; one shotgun condensor and one parrot with gaskets, clamps and connectors. Comes with one 4" stainless steel mesh disc for holding copper mesh in the vertical column for reflux and sulfur scrubbing (copper mesh is not included but can be purchased from suppliers such as Lee Valley and Amazon). It is recommended to place the mesh at the bottom of the second sight glass, and to use the first sight glass to watch for 'burping' (proteins and other particulate getting carried up into the column by too vigorous a boil). Copper mesh provides far more surface area for contact with the rising vapor than a traditional plate and cap, although those can be used if desired.

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