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Single 1-Stage Stainless Steel Counter Current Plate Heat Exchanger Chiller

Single 1-Stage Stainless Steel Counter Current Plate Heat Exchanger Chiller

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This single stage counter-current heater exchanger uses pre-chilled water either from one of our cold liquor storage tanks, or tap water if cold enough, to knock down the temperature of wort post-boil. This chiller is capable of knocking down even our 15BBL brewing systems in under an hour. (See our dual 2-stage heat exchanger here if one wants to use a mix of tap and pre-chilled water; this is useful where tap water is not cold enough and/or one's cold liquor tank is not large enough.) 

As an added benefit, if one uses the next batch's brew water to cool the wort (and transfers it into a waiting brew tank and hot liquor tank), less energy will be required when heating on brew day, saving electricity.  

It is easy to use these exchangers with BREWHA's latest 5-in-1 unitank. Simple connect your pump inlet to the uppermost 5-in-1 port (near the top of the wort level when boiling), and the pump discharge into the wort inlet on the heat exchanger (. Connect the wort outlet of the heat exchanger back to the 5-in-1 dump port and run boiling wort through the wort side of the heat exchanger for a couple minutes to sanitize it (returning the wort back into the 5-in-1). Then start adding cold water to the water side of the heat exchanger. The wort will be chilled and should be returned to the 5-in-1 through a 'tee' connected to the bottom dump port of the tank so that as cold wort fills the tank, it displaced the boiled wort out the top port and into the heat exchanger. The 'tee' minimizes currents so that the chilled wort enters slowly in the bottom, evenly displacing the hot wort out the top, and not breaking the temperature stratified layer (hot wort existing at the top, cold wort entering in the bottom). The tee also allows for a temperature sensor to be installed to monitor the temperature of the wort as it is returned back into the 5-in-1 unitank.

Frame material: Stainless Steel
Gasket material: EPDM
Casters: Stainless Steel
Heat transfer area: 3m²/32ft² 
Dimensions: 450mm/17.8" wide x  877mm/34.5"long x 700mm/27.5" tall (with casters)

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