Ryan M. (Home brewer, Bethel Park, PA) endorses the BIAC

Hi, my name is Ryan and I recently purchased a BREWHA Brew-In-A-Conical (BIAC); great piece of equipment! Customer service has been excellent. Shortened my brew day by about three hours. Brewing is very easy in it. The Colander has increased my efficiency by about 10 percent from my traditional methods. I'm about 85 percent on my brewing efficiency. Cleaning is very easy; after my brew day I just fill it with good hot water, cleaning solution, scrub it down, drain it through the conical, rinse it out, dry it off. Barely even have to move the thing, its very simple. Great equipment!  Recommend it to anyone. If you are on the fence, it's worth every penny.


  • Hi Mark — we contacted Ryan for you and he replied that while he hopes to brew soon, he doesn’t have a brew day planned in the near future. So I’d encourage you to spend time reviewing the videos on the ‘Video’ section of the ‘Learn’ page on the website, and you are always welcome to come visit us here in Victoria, BC and check out a system in person.

    BREWHA Equipment
  • Wonder if I could see your system and watch you do a brew. I am from the Buffalo area. Let me know. Thanks

    Mark C Harding

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