Condensing Assembly

US$ 285.00 US$ 285.00

This stainless steel 'shotgun' condensing assembly connects to a lid port on the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 and by passing cold tap water through the jacket allows one to collect the distillate. 

The following pieces are included:

  • 19" * 2" condenser
  • 90 degree by 2" TC 
  • 45 degree by 2" TC
  • 0.75" * 2" TC reducer
  • 1.5" * 2" TC reducer
  • four 2" TC clamps
  • four 2" TC gaskets

Fittings for connecting chilling water to the jacket are not included but can be purchased separately on this page or as part of a Complete Distillation Package below. The Complete Package includes the Chilling Water Hose and Reducing Tee Assembly.

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