How to Produce Liquor and Distill Delicious Spirits

This video provides a brief overview on how to produce liquor (whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum etc.) using the BREWHA complete brewing and distilling system. The production of liquor first involves the making of beer or 'wash' as it is called in the distilling world, which is discussed in many other articles on the BREWHA website; it is recommended to use the best beer making methods (don't use short cuts) in order to make the best liquor. Low quality beer/wash makes it much harder to yield great tasting liquor.

Tip: empty yeast from the bottom of the fermenter before distilling and if making a recipe for the first time, check the elements before distilling; if they are coated with yeast, clean them off before distilling or they might scorch when heating up. 

Recipe for the rum in this video:

  • 4.54kg/10lb of organic cane sugar
  • 1.3kg/3lb of fancy molasses
  • 5g lactic acid (to lower pH)
  • 7.5g Go Ferm to yeast hydrating water
  • 10g Distillavite (yeast nutrient at end of boil)
  • 10g Distilimax SR yeast fermented at 29C/84F


  • 200mL foreshots (discarded)
  • 300mL heads
  • 3000mL hearts
  • 300mL tails

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