BIAC Package Contents

The BIAC is comprised of just all in one complete brewerytwo vessels—a conical fermenter and an insert to hold grain for mashing. The 'Microbrewery BIAC' is available in all sizes. The 'Homebrewery' BIAC is only available in the three smallest sizes.

There are just two differences between the Homebrewery and the Microbrewery BIAC.

First, for the Homebrewery BIACs, the conical fermenter is the '3-in-1' (can handle pressures up to 3psi internally—enough for using CO2 to push beer into kegs—and 5psi in the jacket for chilling water) whereas for the Microbrewery BIACs, the conical fermenter is the '4-in-1' (can handle up to 14.9psi internally in the vessel—the jacket is rated for 7psi).

Second, for the Homebrewery BIACs the 'Mash Colander' (the removable insert that holds the grain) has a perforated bottom whereas for the Microbrewery BIACs, the Mash Colander has a wedge wire bottom (which has about 30% more open area than a perforated bottom and is more common on commercial systems).

The vessels come with clamps, gaskets, hose barb fittings, high-quality sanitary valves and casters (100kg load rated galvanized casters for fermenters up to 100L/25gal and 700kg stainless steel casters for the larger fermenters). Additional supporting hardware and accessories can be purchased either as part of the 'Basic' or 'Complete' pre-assembled kits on the BIAC Package page or chosen from the drop down bars on the BYO (Build Your Own BIAC) product page. 

The 'Basic Accessories Kit' and 'Complete Accessories Kit' include the following:


  1. Power Control Box provides safe and accurate control of 240V power for heating. A 240V/30A Aluminum Tabletop Controller is not included with the Small BIAC (120V) but is included with the Small BIAC (240V) and it is standard with the Medium and Large BIAC system. Two Aluminum Tabletop Power Control Boxes are included with the 1.5BBL 'Basic Accessories' package. A single large splash-proof, fan-cooled, wall-mounted, Touch Screen programmable controller is included with the 1.5BBL 'Complete', and 3BBL, 5BBL and 7BBL systems. Customers can purchase individual power controllers for independent control of multiple fermenters (this setup can be useful for providing a heating source during fermentation for warm fermenting beers, whereas one single controller will not independently control multiple fermenters at the same time; keep power output below 3% during fermentation to ensure yeast is not scorched). 
  2. Heating element assembly for heating. A1500W/120V with Small; 2000W/240V with the Small (240V); 4500W/240V with Medium; 5500W/240V with Large; two 5500W (208 or 240V) with the 1.5BBL system; four 5500W (208 or 240V) with the 3BBL BIAC, six 5500W (208 or 240V) with the 5BBL BIAC and five 10000W/208V with the 7BBL BIAC; all 208-240V assemblies have a short power cord attached to the element and a 12' extension.
  3. Pump System for circulating water and wort. Includes a USA made March centrifugal pump and high quality braided silicone hoses and fittings that will provide fantastic performance, longevity and easy disassembly for cleaning (Small, Medium and Large systems include the March 815-SS-C; the larger systems all come with the TE-7S-MD pump).
  4. Temperature Control Valve for regulating flow of chilling/warming water into the fermenter jacket to control fermenter temperature (it is recommended to have a high quality Kink-Resistant Hose attached to the jacket exit port, and a Water Pressure Regulator attached to the hose on jacket inlet, so that pressure does not build up in the jacket and damage the vessel. Care still needs to be taken to ensure pressure does not exceed 3psi in the vessel body or 5psi in the 3-in-1 vessel jacket and 14.9psi in body and 7.5psi in the 4-in-1 vessel jacket.)
  5. Electronic Temperature Controller for precise regulation of fermentation temperature through control of the Temperature Control Valve, Heating Element via the aluminum tabletop 240V Power Box, or a pump connected to a chilling source such as the Water, Beer and Wort Chiller
  6. Hop Baskets make adding pelletized hops or containing and removing whole leaf boil hops super easy as well as providing an easy means for sanitary dry hopping (added to fermenter after primary fermentation is complete for improving the hop aroma in beer)
  7. Water Pressure Regulator can help protect your investment from damage due to overpressure by limiting water pressure into the jacket to 5psi; needs to be adjusted to 5psi; never restrict jacket exit in any way (Note: HB BIACs come with a 1/4" regulator with garden hose connections, and MB BIACs come with a 1/4" regulator with tri-clamp connections unless otherwise requested. The 1/4" regulator is limited to about 10L/minute and 5BBL and 7BBL customers may want faster flow rate when chilling exclusively with tap water for reduced chilling time in which case a low pressure 1/2" (or larger) regulator could be purchased (from plumbing supplier) and installed on the wall on the main feed line for jackets) 
  8. Pressure and Vacuum Safety Relief Valve is attached to one of the two lid ports on the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 and relieves pressure when it gets too high and breaks a vacuum inside the main portion of the vessel preventing damage (Warning: DO NOT use in place of a blow off hose as krausen may plug the vent)


The 'Complete Accessories Kit' also includes the following (additional items can be added to the cart from the 'Accessories' page, or a complete kit assembled on the 'Build Your Own' page):

  1. A splash-proof, fan-cooled, wall-mounted, programmable, Touch Screen controller is included with all Complete systems (other than the Small 120V BIAC).
  2. Aluminum Pump Cart provides easy portability and positioning for your pump, as well as offering a convenient location for fitting, hose and cord storage.
  3. CIP Cleaning Assembly can be inserted in a vessel lid port for cleaning. It has a rotating self-cleaning spray ball through which hot water with cleaner can be pumped to wash down the inside walls. (Adjustment of stem length may be required to achieve proper spray radius.)
  4. Flow Meter automatically calculated how much water you are adding. This can be especially useful for calculating sparge volume.
  5. Hose Float helps the hose returning wort into the Mash Colander to stay floating at the top and not sink down into the grain bed
  6. Keg Racking Hose for racking beer from the fermenter to a keg (includes a 1/4" hose and ball lock connector for Small, Medium and Large systems, and a 1/2" hose and Sanke connecting nut with 1.5BBL, 3BBL, 5BBL and 7BBL systems)
  7. Kink-Resistant High-Temperature Food-Grade Braided Silicone Hose for taking water away from the jacket. If a hose kinks, it can cause pressure to build up in the jacket, deforming the vessel (3m/10' of 0.5"ID hose is included).
  8. Mash Colander Lifting Cables when used with an overhead hoist facilitates removing the Mash Colander from the 3-in-1 and 4-in-1; The 3BBL, 5BBL and 7BBL BIACs come with a stainless steel lifting beam.
  9. Mash Mixer attaches to an electric drill (drill not included) for the easiest mixing of mash yeilding highest mash efficiency
  10. Wort Aeration Stone when used with an air pump or oxygen cylinder to add oxygen to wort prior to pitching yeast
  11. Yeast Harvester provides an easy, sanitary means to capture and safely store your yeast until next brew day (not included with 1.5BBL, 3BBL, 5BBL and 7BBL systems but can be ordered separately)
  12. Valve Upgrade provides a larger valve for the bottom of the Small, Medium and Large fermenters for easier dumping of yeast and hops 
  13. Grain Bag for easy loading of grain into the Colander using an overhead hoist (included with 1.5BBL, 3BBL, 5BBL and 7BBL packages only; can be purchased separately on the Accessories page for other sizes)


The following items are not included in either kit but can be added to the cart separately:

  1. Keg Washer/Cleaner can be used in a sink, or placed inside a Large BREWHA fermenter and use the heating element in the fermenter to heat sanitize kegs (chemical-free sanitation)
  2. Water, Beer and Wort Chiller is a very versatile 120V chiller that can finish chilling wort after boil if municipal water is too warm to get temperature low enough (in larger systems a cold-liquor tank may be required), regulate fermentation temperature by pumping chilling water through the jacket of the BIAC (3-in-1 or 4-in-1), as well as chill the beer lines when serving beer from a keg (AS110 model only). There are two models to choose from—the AS110 has a single circulation pump, 3000BTU chilling capacity, and two stainless beer coils. The AS200 has two circulation pumps (two ETC temperature controllers monitoring the temperature on two separate fermenters can turn on each pump when necessary; ETC not included), and 6500BTU chilling capacity. Customers are encouraged to consider the AS200 for 5 and 7BBL fermenters, or in environments where there may be slightly higher ambient temperatures.
  3. Distillation Assembly will allow you to recover the ethanol from a bad batch of beer (or wine...or whatever else you might be fermenting). Purchase by itself, or as a complete package with a Reducing Tee Assembly for monitoring temperature, and high temperature Chilling Water Hoses for connecting chilling water to the condenser jacket.
  4. Neoprene Jacket helps insulate the vessel; especially useful during lagering as it will reduce energy consumption and help reduce 'sweating' (condensation that forms on the cold jacket of the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 and drips on to the floor); available for Small, Medium and Large fermenters
  5. Teflon Filter Membrane Discs have 0.22μm pores that are small enough to keep microbes out but will still allow gas to pass. Can be used with the Pressure and Vacuum Safety Valve to prevent airborne contaminants from entering your fermenter.


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