Keg Washer Cleaner

US$ 640.00 US$ 640.00

This stainless steel manual keg washer with high-performance CIP spray ball provides an economical way to effectively clean kegs.

The washer can stand alone or be set inside a vessel such as the BREWHA Large fermenter and the hose connected to the inside using the 1.5" tri-clamp connecting arm. Once spears are pulled, kegs can be inverted and dropped down onto the cleaner.

When cleaning multiple kegs, it is simplest to first rinse them all by connecting the Keg Cleaner to tap water (the bottom fermenter port should have a hose ran to a drain). Once all kegs are rinsed, then the fermenter cone can be filled with water, the water heated close to boiling, and a pump connected to recirculate and heat sanitize the kegs with the hot water. (Or, if desired, an alkaline or acidic wash can be circulated through the kegs, the kegs rinsed, and a sanitizer added for the final cycle.) The based diameter is 43cm/17", the total height is 62cm/24.5" and the distance from the platform to top of the ball is 37cm/14.5".

Video: How to install and operate the Keg Washer
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