complete beer brewing system 5 gallon 10 gallon 15 gallon
mash colander brewing equipment
240V Power Control Box 30A controller
programmable touchscreen beer brewing controller
beer brewing water heater assembly
brewing electronic temperature sensor
120V water solenoid
Stainless hop bag basket spider
0 to 30psi water pressure regulator
pressure relief valve and vacuum 3psi 15psi
hose float
beer transfer hose cornelius
high temperature braided silicone beer hose
Colander Lifting Cables
wort aeration stone
yeast harvester
1.5" TC sanitary ball valve
water level ruler
Homebrewery BIAC Complete Beer Brewing System
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Homebrewery BIAC Complete Beer Brewing System

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The amazing BREWHA® BIAC® brewing system uses a novel brewing method that makes brewing simpler, more enjoyable, and easier to do while still providing full control. Boiling, chilling, and fermenting occurs right in the revolutionary 3-in-1 fermenter and the Mash Colander is inserted during mashing to hold the grain. The exclusive, patented design is the only brewing system where the entire process (mashing, boiling and fermenting) occurs directly in the conical fermenter saving space, time, and money while ensuring perfect, chemical-free sanitation and best tasting results.

The BREWHA system comes with highest-quality parts and controllers. The packages includes all the equipment needed to brew all-grain craft beer (a Mash Colander to hold the grain, 3-in-1 fermenter, pump, valves, fittings and temperature controller) with the precision of a commercial brewery giving you perfect consistency and highest quality results. 

The Homebrewery 'HB' brewing system is perfect for those bottling or kegging their beer. It comes with a 3-in-1 fermenter that has a lower pressure rating (3psi) than the Microbrewery 'MB' 4-in-1 fermenter (14.9psi), and the HB Mash Colander has a perforated false bottom vs wedge wire false bottom in the MB Mash Colander. Read more about the differences here.)

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