BIAC Specifications

jacketed stainless conical

Batch Sizes (approx)

Small BIAC 
Max grain bill  4.5kg/10lbs 3-in-1 and 5.5kg/12lbs 4-in-1 
Max. pre-boil volume 23L/6 gallon
Beer volume 12-20L / 3-5 gallons
Medium BIAC 
Max grain bill 16kg/35lb
Max pre-boil volume 76L/20gal
Beer volume 24-60L/6-15gal*
Max grain bill 45kg/100lb
Max. pre-boil volume 208L/55gal
Beer volume 80-190L/20-50 gallons 
Max grain bill 82kg/180lb
Max. pre-boil volume 400L/105gal
Beer volume 180-360L/1.5-3BBL
Max grain bill 136kg/300lb
Max pre-boil volume 680L/180gal
Beer volume 360-590L/3-5BBL

*For 6gal batch in the Medium, the strike volume needs to be higher than average in order to submerge the grain and the boil period longer. 

Total Volume (approx)

3-in-1 and 4-in-1: 
Small: 27L/7.1gal 3-in-1 and 30L/8gal 4-in-1 flood capacity
Medium: 94L/25gal flood capacity 
1.5BBL: 240L/63.4gal flood capacity
3BBL: 420L/110gal flood capacity
5BBL: 720L/190gal flood capacity
Mash Colander (volume below top of fermenter):
Small: 15.9L/4.2gal 3-in-1 and 18.8L/5gal 4-in-1 max volume 
Medium: 56.5L/14.9gal max volume
1.5BBL : 173.5L/45.8gal max volume
3BBL: 335L/88gal max volume
5BBL: 590L/155gal max volume

Dimensions (approx)

3-in-1 and 4-in-1 (without lid; add minimum 20cm/8" for lid, plus blow off hose height): 
Small: 90cm/35" height (38cm/15" diameter)
Medium: 120cm/47" height (55cm/22" diameter)
1.5BBL : 160cm/63" height (66cm/26" diameter)
3BBL: 178cm/70" height; (85cm/34" diameter)
5BBL: 195cm/77" height; (105cm/42" diameter)
Mash Colander (without lid; add 10cm/4" for lid and handle): 
Small: 42cm/17" height; min 7' ceiling recommended
Medium: 57cm/22" height; min 9' ceiling recommended
1.5BBL: 97cm/38" height; min 12' ceiling recommended
3BBL: 88cm/35" height;  min. 12' ceiling recommended
5BBL: 103cm/41" height;  min. 14' ceiling recommended


Pressure Rating

3-in-1 (Homebrewery BIAC) 3psi in vessel / 5psi in jacket
4-in-1 (Microbrewery BIAC) 14.9psi in vessel / 7psi in jacket


Ship Weight (approx for fermenter, Mash Colander, fittings and accessories)

Small BIAC 75kg/165lb* with 3-in-1
Medium BIAC 112kg/250lb* with 3-in-1
1.5BBL  BIAC 220kg/480lb* with 3-in-1
3BBL BIAC 950lb with 4-in-1
5BBL BIAC 1180lb with 4-in-1

*4-in-1 adds about 10%


Electrical Requirements

Small BIAC (120V) 120V/12A
Small BIAC (240V) 240V/9A 1Φ
Medium BIAC 240V/23A 1Φ
1.5BBL BIAC Two by 240V/23A 1Φ
3BBL BIAC 240V/95A 1Φ (can be wired for 208V 3Φ 4 wire)
5BBL BIAC 240V/140A 1Φ (can be wired for 208V 3Φ 4 wire)


List of hardware that is included with the BIAC package


   Homebrewery BIAC

   Build Your Own BIAC

   Microbrewery BIAC

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