Fermenter-to-Keg Racking Hose

US$ 69.00 US$ 69.00

Use this hose assembly to easily rack beer from a fermenter into a keg. The hose assembly attaches the racking valve on the fermenter to the 'Out' post on a keg, transferring beer directly to the bottom of the keg through the dip tube avoiding oxidation and unnecessary agitation. By setting the regulator on the CO2 tank to 1-2psi of pressure and connecting the gas tank to the top port on the fermenter (red hose in the picture below) beer can be pushed from the fermenter into the keg. Includes 1.5" tri-clamp to 1/4" hose barb, 5 feet of 1/4" high-temp braided silicone hose and one ball lock liquid connector. 

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