Wort Aeration Stone

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Use this stainless steel stone to aerate chilled wort prior to fermentation. After removing hot break out the bottom port once wort is chilled, simply sanitize the stone and bottom valve on the 3-in-1, then attach the stone and open the valve. Air will pass through the 2 micron pores and diffuse into the wort. Recommended aeration period when using air is 10-15 minutes (less when using pure oxygen).

When using a strong (deep water) aquarium air pump (not included with stone), it is recommended to insert a sterile .2 micron syringe filter in the air line to ensure that molds or bacteria in the air are not inoculated into the wort.

Touching the stone is not recommended as oils can plug the tiny pores. The stone can be cleaned or sanitized by boiling in water. Fits to 1.5" tri-clamp ferrules and has a 1/4" hose barb. Some assembly required.

Video: Installing the Wort Aeration Stone

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