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amber ale beer recipe

On this page you can find links to several basic beer recipes that we have developed over the years here at BREWHA for our BIAC brewing systems (the simplest way to brew the best beer!). While these are some of our favourites, you are welcome to adapt them to meet your own needs or desired flavor profile (in fact, likely you will need to tweak for specific situation but these should provide a very good starting point). Each recipe is sized for a 1BBL/31USG/117L batch, but can be scaled up or down to meet your needs (Brewfather has a built in 'scale' button). They are listed alphabetically below and each recipe has a link to three files types: beer xml, .pdf and .json for use in (the program where we created them). The .pdf recipes are in metric, to change to your preferred units, load the .json file into Brewfather, and under settings change it how you like. Not all ingredients will be available in your area, so feel free to substitute something similar.

Note: these recipes match the new brewing programs available for download to the 'rec' folder of your SD card (see the back side of the LCD — this is where recipes are stored). To update the programs on your controller, remove the SD card from the LCD and connect it to your computer (some computers have an SD card slot, or a USB/SD adapter can be purchased from local electronics store). Download the .txt files below (if they open in a browser, save them to your desktop) and then drop them into the 'rec' folder on the SD card. If the name is changed, edit it back to the original e.g. 'AMBER_A0.TXT'. Insert the SD card back into your LCD. (If you are having issues, ensure you are using the latest firmware update available from this page.)

Amber Ale — originally designed for the birthday party of a friend from Nashville, TN ('Music City USA'), this beer has moderate/low bitterness with a forward caramel/malt flavor profile that presents harmoniously in this easy-drinking beer: .xml, .pdf, .json, AMBER_A0.TXT

Coffee Stout — designed with shortbread and Christmas in mind but delicious all year long: .xml, .pdf, .json, COFFEE_0.TXT

Lager — one of my personal favorites: .xml, .pdf, .jason, LAGER.TXT

Pale Ale — a delicious pale ale that features Mosaic hops (no surprise there): .xml, .pdf, .json, PALE_ALE.TXT


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