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Yeast Harvester

Yeast Harvester

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A BREWHA Exclusive! With a large 60mm/2.4" inside diameter and 164mm/6.5" total height, this harvester is able to hold up to 300mL/10oz of yeast slurry.

Late in fermentation, remove the trub from the bottom of the fermenter, attach this harvester to the bottom 1.5" tri-clamp port of any fermenter and open the bottom valve. As yeast drops out of suspension, it will settle into this see-through harvester. Once full, close the valve, remove the harvester, attach the pressure relief valve and store in the fridge for the next brew day. (It is best to store in fridge only 3/4 full to allow gassing off without yeast plugging up the pressure relief. If yeast is in the pressure relief it needs to be cleaned out immediately to avoid plugging the relief valve and pressure buildup.) 

Price includes two clamps, two silicone gaskets, a 1.5" TC end cap and pressure relief valve for storing yeast in a fridge until next brew day. 

Works with the BREWHA regular or large bore ball valve as well as any size of BREWHA fermenter (BIAC 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 or standard Conical Fermentor; requires the standard 0.875" ball valve or butterfly valve to work with the Small fermenters).

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