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Stainless Water Valve Solenoid (TCV)

Stainless Water Valve Solenoid (TCV)

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Precisely and automatically regulate fermentation temperature.

The stainless steel solenoid valve (Temperature Control Valve/TCV) attaches to the 'in' port of the jacket and opens and closes letting chilling (or warming) water into the 3-in-1 conical fermentor or 4-in-1 stainless conical fermentor jacket. The valve can be controlled by an Electronic Temperature Controller which opens and closes the valve based on the temperature in the fermenter. With a digital controller, it can regulate the temperature in the fermenter to within 1°F. Can be purchased with a 120V cord whip (NEMA 5-15 plug), solenoid and connectors, or just the solenoid by itself (customer to add electrical cord and connectors for 1/2" FNPT thread).

It is strongly recommended to never close or impede flow out of the fermenter jacket in any way, and to have a high quality kink-resistant hose attached to the jacket exit port, and a Water Pressure Regulator attached to the hose on jacket inlet, so that pressure does not build up in the jacket and damage the vessel. Care still needs to be taken to ensure pressure does not exceed 3psi inside vessels and 5psi in vessel jackets (3-in-1 or Boil Kettle) or 14.9psi inside the vessel and 7psi in the jacket of the 4-in-1. Ensure the valve is installed such that water will be flowing in the direction of the arrow stamped on the valve.

Note: Use only with clean water at temperatures between 2°C/ 36°F and 40°C/ 100°F.

Note: always install with the arrow stamped on the solenoid, pointing in the direction of flow through the solenoid. 

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