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Stainless Jacketed Boil Kettle

Stainless Jacketed Boil Kettle

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The only boil kettle with a built-in chilling jacket. 

Built into the walls of this boil kettle, the stainless steel jacket provides super easy and super sanitary chilling of wort once the boil is complete. Water lines connect to the jacket with two easy tri-clamp fittings completely removing the need for immersion or counter-flow chillers or transporting your pot to the kitchen sink. And since the jacket is in the wall of the kettle, it is completely sanitized by the boil—contamination from your chilling method never needs to worry you again.

The BREWHA kettle can be heated with gas burners. However, with a ferrule for inserting a temperature sensor and two 2" sanitary tri-clamp ferrules for addition of electric heating elements electrifying your setup is easy. Add two 1500W elements if you only have access to 120V power (two 1500W elements on 120V power brings 52L from mash out to boil in about 25 minutes), or 5500W elements (one element on 240V brings 52L from mash out to boil in about 15 minutes), . . . easily and safely access 240V power and control your boil rate (especially important during hot break) with our 240V Power Control Box.

Note: includes valves, clamps, gaskets and fittings; sensors/thermometers and heating elements are not included

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