Recipes for the BREWHA BIAC brewing system

On this page you can find links to several basic recipes that we have developed over the years here at BREWHA for our BIAC brewing systems. While these are some of our favourites, you are welcome to adapt them to meet your own needs or desired flavor profile. Each recipe is sized for a 1BBL/117L batch, but can be scaled up or down to meet your needs. They are listed alphabetically below and each recipe has a link to three files types: beer XML, .pdf and .json for use in (the program where we created them).

Amber Ale — originally designed for the birthday party of a friend from Nashville, TN ('Music City USA'), this beer has moderate/low bitterness with a forward caramel/malt flavor profile that presents harmoniously in this easy-drinking beer: .xml, .pdf, .json

Berliner Weisse — a kettle soured wheat beer that is refreshing and moderately tart: .xml, .pdf, .json

Citrus ISA — an easy drinking lower alcohol beer with higher bitterness and a pronounced hop aroma: .xml, .pdf, .json

Classic West Coast IPA — the kind of beer that defined the craft beer movement: .xml, .pdf, .json

Coffee Stout — designed with shortbread and Christmas in mind but delicious all year long: .xml, .pdf, .json

German Pilsner — one of the most universally liked styles of beer and this recipe is a contender for GOAT (in my humble opinion :) ): .xml, .pdf, .json

Hard Seltzer — while designed with non-beer drinkers in mind, it's a beverage that everyone will enjoy; here at BREWHA we keg this seltzer in its generic form, and just add syrups at the tap (Pineapple Sangria Roiboos is my personal favorite): .xml, .pdf, .json

Mosaic Pale Ale — a delicious pale ale that features Mosaic hops (no surprise there): .xml, .pdf, .json


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