Premium Stainless Heating Element

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A BREWHA exclusive! The quickest, easiest, quietest, and cleanest way to heat water.

These premium, water-heating element assemblies from BREWHA are safer, easier to assemble, and better designed than ever before and can be used with tank pressure up to 15psi. 

The 240V and 208V Complete Element Assembly comes with a short 12" cord and L6-30 plug attached to the element and a long 12' extension cord with L6-30 plug and receptacle to connect the short cord to the Power Box. The extension cord allows the element to be disconnected when not in use, eliminating the possibility of a tripping hazard presented by a long, permanently attached power cord. The 120V Complete Element Assembly comes with a 6' cord and 5-15 plug (North American standard wall plug).

240V/5500W, 240V/2000W and 208V/5500W Complete Element Assemblies come with an L6-30 plug (to fit the Digital Power Control Box) and the 120V/1500W with a 5-15 plug (standard wall plug in North America). 1500W is the maximum power recommended for standard 120V North American outlets.

It is recommended to always use a certified electrician for electrical installs and that a GFCI/GFI be installed in order to improve safety. Read more about it here.

The 9.5kW 3 phase element assembly comes with a 3" Tri-clamp/sanitary connection (all other element assemblies have a 2" Tri-clamp/sanitary connection) and has a 1.5"NPS thread on the bushing/plug, and the connectors are NEMA15-30.

BREWinfo: Installing a BREWHA 100% Stainless Heating Element
BREWinfo: Improving safety of Electric Water Heating Elements
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