Assembly and Installation Instructions for the BREWHA BIAC

In this video we will be setting up the BREWHA BIAC beer brewing system in 12 easy steps. The BIAC includes one fermenter so for customers with multiple BREWHA fermenters, the steps would be exactly the same but you would be repeating just the fermenter assembly steps for each additional fermenter that you purchase. In this video we are assembling the 1.5BBL BIAC, however the installation steps are almost identical for all of the different sizes and note is made where they are different.
0:00 Introduction and Building and Utility Overview
03:52 Section 1 Packaging
04:23 Section 2 The Hoist and Gantry
06:14 Section 3 Casters
07:10 Section 4 Ports on the Tank Cone and Cylinder
10:00 Section 5 Water Jacket
13:14 Section 6 Heaters
13:36 Section 7 Water Chillers
15:10 Section 8 Lid and Lid Ports
19:03 Section 9 ETC
20:12 Section 10 Water Level Ruler
20:27 Section 11 Pump
23:15 Section 12 Mash Colander

Note: This video follows the BIAC installation section (starting pg 15) in the BREWHA manual

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