Mash Tun Benefits and Specifications

What makes the BREWHA mash tun so enjoyable? 

  1. Built in RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) system which offers near perfect control of mash temperature for greatest repeatability and consistency
  2. Easy addition of an electric heating element under the mash screen for RIMS setup 
  3. Two ports for temperature sensors (not included but can be purchased here), one under the mash screen for controlling RIMS system and a second in the middle of the grain bed
  4. A port for temperature sensor (not included but can be purchased here) under the mash screen (instead of in the exit port) for temperature probe controlling the heating element ensures the heating element never over heats the mash in the event that the pump stops working (with a temperature probe in the exit line, an accurate reading of wort is given only if the pump is working properly; if the pump fails, the probe in the exit line might fail to shut off the heating element)
  5. Heavy duty stainless steel construction will give you a lifetime of brewing pleasure (and hold its resale value...if something tragic were ever to prevent you from brewing)
  6. Sanitary tri-clamp fittings which are easiest to disassemble and reassemble
  7. There are no threaded or weld-free or bulkhead fittings that can leak or harbor microorganisms and are difficult to disassemble and clean
  8. No lips or crevices ensures best sanitation possible
  9. Mirror polish finish is the smoothest finish possible leaving no microscopic pores for bacteria to hide out.
  10. High efficiency mash screen has a solid outer rim and high-density, low diameter perforations on the inside of the screen to provide best water movement through the grain bed and greatest mash efficiency possible
  11. Top port makes vorlauf easy (recirculating wort to make it clear and improve sugar conversion)


The world's most satisfying mash tun includes: 

(Please note: 3" dial thermometer with 3" probe and 1/2" NPT thread and Heating Element are not included but can be purchased separately.)

A. eight 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp clamps 
B. eight 1.5" sanitary gaskets 
C. four external 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp ferrules
D. two 1/2" hose barbs attached to 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp caps 
E. one 1.5" tri-clamp blank caps and one 2" tri-clamp blank cap
F. two 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp / quick-clean valves
G. 1.5" internal sanitary tri-clamp compatible ferrule for wort recirculating 
H. 1/2" 90° hose barb for recirculating wort 
I. one 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp ferrules with centering pickup tube insert that virtually eliminates sidewall shunting and channeling of wort yielding maximum mash efficiency
J. 2" sanitary tri-clamp clamp
K. 2" gasket
L. 2" external sanitary tri-clamp ferrule to attach an electric water heating element  
M. internal stainless steel water level ruler  
N. high-efficiency perforated removable mash screen with 1/8" diameter holes (holes are punched after screen is cut so there are no rough edges that will cut you)
O. Sanitary mirror polish finish
P. 62.8L/16.6 gallon capacity
Q. 1.2mm/18 gauge 304 stainless steel mash tun and lid
R. Approx dimensions are 50cm tall by 40cm wide/19.7" by 15.7"
S. seven ferrule welds and finishing
T. wooden crate for shipping to ensure safe delivery and storage
U. high quality construction to last a lifetime
V. ship weight approx 30kg/66lb 60L capacity

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