Boil Kettle Benefits and Specifications

Jacketed boil kettle

What makes the BREWHA boil kettle the only no-worries, fail-safe, sanitary kettle/chiller in the market?

  1. It's the only boil kettle on the market that has a built-in chilling jacket that completely eliminates any possibility of contamination from your chilling hardware 
  2. It has two large diameter tri-clamp ports for the easy addition of electric heating elements
  3. Two ports for heating elements provide you the option of boiling your wort with 240V or 120V power (on a single 120V element it would take too long to boil a 10 gallon batch); 2" caps are provided to seal of any ports you don't want to use
  4. One port for insertion of thermometer/sensor (not included but can be purchased here)
  5. A large 1/2" diameter pickup tube allows you to transfer almost entirely all your wort over to the conical fermenter reducing the amount of wort lost (the protein from hot and cold break can be easily removed out the bottom of the conical fermenter)
  6. Heavy duty stainless steel construction will give you a lifetime of brewing pleasure (and hold its resale value)
  7. Sanitary tri-clamp fittings are easiest to disassemble and reassemble for thorough cleaning
  8. There are no threaded or weld-free or bulkhead fittings that can leak or harbor microorganisms and are difficult to disassemble and clean
  9. No lips or crevices ensures best sanitation possible
  10. Mirror polish finish is the smoothest finish possible leaving no microscopic pores for bacteria to hide out.


The jacketed boil kettle includes: 

(Please note: ETC Temperature Sensor and Controller, Power Controller and Heating Element are not included but can be purchased separately.)

A. six 1.5" tri-clover compatible clamps 
B. six 1.5" gaskets
C. five 1.5" tri-clover ferrules   
D. two 1/2" hose barbs on 1.5" tri-clover caps
E. two 2" tri-clover clamps (three for 240L)
F. two 2" gaskets (three for 240L)
G. two 2" tri-clover ferrules (three for 240L)
H. two drop handles
I. raised lid handle
J. 1.5" tri-clover no-resort / quick-clean valve (7/8" full port)
K. 1/2" wort pickup tube with 1.5" tri-clover ferrules
L. 1.5" tri-clover ferrule for insertion of thermowell/temperature sensor (not included but can be purchased here)
M. stainless steel water level ruler
N. 1.5mm/16 gauge 304 stainless steel boil kettle jacket (for running water through to cool the wort to yeast pitching temperature)
O. sanitary mirror polish finish
P. 1.5mm/16 gauge 304 stainless steel boil kettle and lid 
Q. Approx dimensions are 40 wide by 50cm tall for 60L; 52 by 65cm for the 120L; 60 by 95cm for the 240L
R. wooden crate for shipping to ensure safe delivery and storage
S. high quality construction to last a lifetime
T. With 14C/57F chilling water, cools 42L/11gallon of boiled wort (without stirring) to ale pitching temp in about 35-40 minutes
U. Jacket can withstand up to 5psi of pressure. **Do not put any restrictions on exit port of jacket or pressure could build up.**

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