Why is the BREWHA BIAC the better way to brew?

The BREWHA BIAC is a combination of unique equipment in a novel brewing method. It makes brewing simpler, more enjoyable, and easier to do while providing full control for best results. 

The BIAC is comprised of two vessels (the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 fermenter and the Mash Colander) and supporting hardware. The 3-in-1 is a conical fermenter that has built-in capacity to heat and chill wort (the 4-in-1 fermenter is the same as the 3-in-1 except that it has thicker steel so can hold up to 14.9psi instead of 3psi); the entire brewing process occurs inside the fermenter. The Mash Colander is a stainless steel insert that allows for mashing to be completed inside the fermenter and the grain to be withdrawn when mashing is complete. Accessories for the BIAC, such as a pump, heating element and power controller can be purchased separately (other brands can even be used), or can be purchased all together as part of the all-in-one Homebrew BIAC Package or complete Microbrewery Package.

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Some of the benefits of this system include:

  1. Perfect sanitation every time—with the fermenter doubling as the boil kettle, the heat of the boil will provide perfect, easy to achieve, chemical-free, heat sanitation every time. Chemical cleaners and sanitizers are not needed, saving time, money, and likely even improving the beer's flavor
  2. Brews beer in 30% less time—with less vessels to setup and take down, and less steps in the brewing process (e.g. transferring water/wort) there is a significant savings in time 
  3. Flexibility—can produce all types of beer as the brewer has near infinite control over the brewing process (can also be used for producing wine and even spirits with the optional Condensing Assembly)
  4. Full control—with temperature sensors and automated valves, there is maximum control over every detail in the brewing process
  5. Small brewing footprint—mashing of grain occurs directly in the boil kettle, removing the need for a separate mash tun and hot liquor kettle
  6. Small storage footprint—when not brewing, the entire assembly can store away in the 3-in-1, which can be rolled into a closet
  7. Faster cleanup—unlike chemical sanitizers which only sanitize surfaces (if sediment is not completely removed contamination can result from bacteria hiding beneath the surface), the heat of the boil sanitizes right through any missed sediment. So a good physical cleanup (removal of sediment) is all that is necessary—no chemical cleaners necessary; and less vessels means less cleanup
  8. Economical—even though it is made with highest quality materials, since there are less vessels and less supporting hardware needed it costs less than a full, traditional 4 vessel system
  9. Fully electric—faster, quieter, more precise, and allows for indoor brewing (Warning: heating elements must be submerged at all times)
  10. Easy temperature regulating during fermentation—the built-in jacket on the 3-in-1 fermenter  and the Temperature Control Valve allows for easy fermentation temperature regulation
  11. Most sanitary chilling of wort—the built-in jacket on the 3-in-1 fermenter also allows for easiest and most sanitary chilling of wort; no hoses or plates or coils are used that can harbor microbes
  12. Full mashing capability—the solid stainless steel walls of the Mash Colander allow for fly sparging and a proper filter bed to form giving providing perfect clarity in your wort.
  13. Risk of oxidation and microbial contamination is almost completely eliminated—by having capacity for heating, chilling and fermenting built right into the fermenter there is less movement of wort/beer that can facilitate oxidation and less hardware used that can introduce microbes.
  14. Easy trub removal—the conical bottom allows for easy removal of trub (protein, yeast and other solids) from your fermenter either prior to fermentation, during, or after fermentation is complete
  15. Full temperature control—a thermowell in the vessel allows for bimetal or electrical temperature sensing probes and complete temperature monitoring; an ETC controller maintains temperature within 1°F of target
  16. Easy racking (transferring) of beer—a second port in the lid allows for pressurizing your conical when racking to a keg to overcome any height differences (keg above the fermenter won't fill just with gravity) and ensure your beer is not exposed to oxygen (Warning: maximum pressure in vessel is 3psi and jacket is 5psi)
  17. Full inside access—the large diameter lid provides full and easy access to your vessel for thorough cleaning after fermentation
  18. Heavy duty stainless steel construction—will hold resale value and provide a lifetime of brewing pleasure
  19. Easy to move—Heavy duty wheel castors make moving the 3-in-1 easy even when full; very useful if space needs to be multi-purpose
  20. Sanitary fittings—super easy to disassemble and reassemble for storage or thorough cleaning
  21. No threaded or weld-free or bulkhead fitting—they can leak and are difficult to disassemble and clean
  22. No lips or crevices—makes cleanup easy 
  23. Mirror polish finish—the smoothest stainless steel finish possible making cleanup easy
  24. Convenience—the BREWHA BIAC package has all the equipment you need to begin brewing. And it fits neatly away in your closet when finished.
  25. Enjoyment—all these benefits make brewing an extremely enjoyable and rewarding process


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