Braided silicone hose for brewing 1/2" 3/4"

High-Temperature Braided Silicone Hose

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This kink-resistant, food-grade (FDA), high-temp, braided silicone hose will not introduce flavor or odor to water or wort, is safe for temperature up to 105C/220F and has a 100psi working pressure rating at 50C/120F.

Being high temp and food safe it is excellent for hot water and wort. And being kink-resistant, it is great for the jacket hoses on the 3-in-1, Boil Kettle or Condensing Assembly to help ensure that pressure is not allowed to build up in the jacket, damaging the vessel. Caution should still be taken to ensure that the positioning of the hose does not encourage kinking.

Price listed is per foot / 30.5cm. Purchase longer lengths by increasing quantity in the shopping cart.

Available in four sizes:

1/4" * 5/8" (6.35mmID * 14mmOD)
1/2" * 7/8" (12.6mmID * 22mmOD)
3/4" * 1-1/16" (19mmID * 27.4mmOD)
1" * 1-3/8" (25.4mmID * 35mmOD)

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