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Electronic Temperature Controller
Electronic Temperature Controller
Electronic Temperature Controller
Electronic Temperature Controller
Electronic Temperature Controller

Electronic Temperature Controller

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Versatile, flexible, portable and powerful. And now available with Wi-Fi and an app to monitor temperatures remotely.

This pre-wired dual function brewing controller (includes two receptacles on the side for powering a heating and cooling device) allows one to accurately measure temperature (to within 0.1°), regulate power to heating elements through the Power Control Box, open and close the Temperature Control Valve solenoid on the 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 fermenters and turn the Chiller pump on and off to control the flow of chillant into the fermenter jackets. It's the perfect brewing companion.

The sensor cable can be disconnected at both the controller and the sensor, allowing maximum flexibility since one controller and cable can be used to read the temperature from multiple vessels.  A 14' commercial cable and a 1.5" tri-clamp sensor with 100mm probe are included with the controller. 

Controllers are CE tested and compliant. In most situations CSA certification (UL recognized) is for North American markets only. 

Note—controllers purchased in 2017 or earlier will NOT work with the next generation sensor cables sold here; contact us to find out where to purchase legacy sensor cables

Note—when attaching the cable to the sensor or controller, turn the cable by gripping the collar and cord grip and turn the collar in a clockwise direction until the slot/pins line up. Turning in a CCW direction could put strain on the solder points. Do not pull on or twist the cord. Keep the cable in a flat, uncoiled manner; a coiled cable can turn the cable in a CCW direction, damaging solder, and pose a tripping hazard. Inspect the cord grip regularly to ensure that it is holding the cable securely (Over time the cable jacket might age and shrink so a small amount of heat shrink or electrical tape may be needed under the cord grip so that it snugly grips the cable.) Being a small, portable, cost-effective electronics cable, it is more fragile than the larger, bulkier power cables, and more prone to breakdown than a non-portable, non-removable, permanently wired and permanently fixed cable.

Note—while the DS18B20 digital sensor chip is more accurate over time than an RTD sensor, it is more fragile, protect it the same way you would a computer (ie. don't subject it to impact, static or other forms of electricity as it could be damaged). If you have an older model (pre-2018) of ETC than the one shown here and want a replacement cable, please confirm it with us as the connectors may be different.

Note—the ETC-WiFi requires a 2.4GHz network (see the Configuration Guide below).

BREWinfo: ETC Instruction Manual (see page 32)
BREWinfo: Resolving error messages and repairing the cable
BREWinfo: Controlling fermentation temperature
Download iOS App for Wi-Fi Controller (serials 20... and lower)
Download Android App for Wi-Fi controller (serials 20...and lower)
Download iOS App for Wi-Fi Controller (serials 21... and higher)
Download Android App for Wi-Fi controller (serials 21...and higher)
FAQs for Wi-Fi controller V1 (serials 20... and lower)
FAQs for Wi-Fi controller V2 (serials 21... and higher)
Wi-Fi controller Configuration Guide V1 (serials 20... and lower)
Wi-Fi controller Configuration Guide V2 (serials 21... and higher)


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