BREWHA BIAC Sizes (0.1 to 7BBL systems available)

5 gallon brewing system 10 gallon brewing system 15 gal brewing system 1.5BBL 2BBL brewing system 3BBL brewing system 5BBL brewing system 7BBL brewing system
Small BIAC Brewing System Medium BIAC Brewing System Large BIAC Brewing System 1.5BBL BIAC Brewery System 3BBL BIAC Brewery System 5BBL BIAC Brewery System 7BBL BIAC Brewery System
  • 3-5gal / 12-20L of beer
  • 5-10gal / 20-40L of beer
  • 10-15gal / 40-60L of beer
  • 32-48gal / 120L-180L of beer
  • 48-95gal / 180L-360L of beer
  • 95-155gal / 360L-590L of beer
  • 155-220gal / 585-820L of beer
  • 30L / 8gal fermenter volume
  • 60L / 16gal fermenter volume
  • 90L / 24gal fermenter volume
  • 240L / 63gal fermenter volume
  • 420L / 110gal fermenter volume
  • 720L / 190gal fermenter volume
  • 1080L / 285gal fermenter volume
  • up to 12lbs of grain
  • up to 25lbs of grain
  • up to 36lbs of grain
  • up to 100lbs of grain
  • up to 220lbs of grain
  • up to 350lbs of grain
  • up to 500bs of grain
  • kitchen and/or apartment brewing
  • producing beer for friends
  • producing beer for friends and parties
  • brewpub or nanobrewery
  • brewpub or nanobrewery
  • brewpub or microbrewery
  • brewpub, microbrewery and/or distribution
  • high gravity 3gal/12L batches
  • high gravity 5gal/20L batches
  • high gravity 10gal/40L batches
  • high gravity 30gal/120L batches
  • high gravity 60gal/240L batches
  • high gravity 110gal/420L batches
  • high gravity 155gal/585L batches
  • 1Ph 120V/12A (1500W) or 240V/8A (2000W)
  • 1Ph 240V/19A (4500W)
  • 1Ph 240V/23A (5500W)
  • 1Ph only; 240V/50A or 208V/55A (11000W)
  • 1Ph 240V/95A or 3Ph 208V/75A (22000W)
  • 1Ph 240V/145A or 3Ph 208V/100A (33000W)
  • 3Ph only; 240V/125A or 208V/150A (47500W)
  •   Homebrewery (Small to Large) BIAC
      Microbrewery (Small to 7BBL) BIAC

    Note: Fermenter shown in pictures is the 4-in-1