240V 30A 5500W beer brewing heating touchscree controller
1 2 3 5 7 BBL electric brewery controller
Brewery Touchscreen Programmable Electric Power Controller
Brewery Touchscreen Programmable Electric Power Controller

Brewery Touchscreen Programmable Electric Power Controller

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Safe and precise power output.

BREWHA Touchscreen Electric Brewing Power Controllers are CSA/ETL inspected and UL approved for safety and allow brewers to safely control 208V-240V electricity to a BREWHA 2000W, 4500W, 5500W or 9500W (3 Phase) water heating element.  

This wall-mounted brewery power controller is contained in a splash-proof polycarbonate enclosure and comes with a powerful, programmable, touch screen controller that can regulate all aspects of the brew as well as store multiple brewing programs for future use. It has a sensor port for connecting the standard BREWHA sensor cable, a pump power cord, and a 120V chiller power cord (5-15r) for automatically controlling the Chiller during fermentation. The larger models (2 element and larger) come with fan cooling and a water level sensor/pump safety shut off feature and a L6-15r pump cord. The single element controllers come with a 5-15r pump cord and an eight foot power cord with a 14-30 plug (the four cable type found on most clothes dryers; if you need an adapter to plug the Power Box into a 14-50 wall receptacle like the receptacle for most ovens, one can be purchased here). For the larger models, customer's electrician will hard wire the correct power supply to the internal distribution block. For electrical specifications see the electrical section on this page.

The 3Ph single heater controller is fan-cooled and designed for heating a single 9500W heater in the 500L/130USG Hot Water Tank. It does not include a level sensor, pump output, alarm or chiller relay and should be hard wired by an electrician into a junction box.

Single element enclosures are rated NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 12 and 13. Due to the cooling fan shrouds (on 1.5BBL BIAC controller and larger) all other enclosures are rated 1, 3R, and 12.

North American controllers are CSA/ETL certified and UL recognized. All controllers are CE tested and compliant.

Note: BREWHA controllers are for use with BREWHA equipment only; sensor and sensor cable sold separately

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Support: For latest controller update file see link on this page

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