Evaluating the aroma and flavor of hop varieties

Understanding hop variety flavor and aromaUnderstanding the bittering potential of hops is fairly straightforward. Understanding the aroma and flavor properties of a given variety, however, is often a lot more complex and difficult to assess. 

This is why the research project being undertaken this month by Frank Addeo (in conjunction with Yakima Valley Hops and Central Washington University) is particularly interesting. Over the next 30 days, Frank will be brewing 30 different beers that all have the same neutral malt base; the only thing different between them will be their use of 30 different varieties of hops—one variety for each beer. 

Frank will be documenting his experience with detailed discussion and photos, and the beers will be assessed by a professional cicerone. And you can be one of the first to hear about his findings!

Follow the results of this research by linking to the blog here (click the 'Follow' tab that pops up in the lower right corner of the screen). 

Read the news bulletin here.

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