Scaling Up Is Easy with the BREWHA BIAC

expand brewery production 

The BIAC brewing system can be easily scaled up simply by adding additional fermenters. The Mash Colander, Pump Assembly, and Power Box can be used with multiple fermenters to significantly increase total brewing output.

For example, one could own a nano-brewhouse producing 156BBL/4914gal./18564L/39170 pints annually for about $35,000 of brewing equipment—one 1.5BBL BIAC complete brewing system and 3 additional 1.5BBL 4-in-1 conical fermentors on a two week ferment cycle requiring two brews/week.

Or, one could own a micro-brewhouse producing 520BBL/16380gal./61880L/130567 pints annually for about $55,000 of brewing equipment—one 5BBL BIAC complete brewing system and 3 additional 5BBL 4-in-1 conical fermentors on a two week ferment cycle requiring two brews/week.

It depends on scale but a rough estimate for cost of goods is about $1/pint (ingredients, electricity and labor) and with other overhead at $1/pint and a sale price of $5-6/pint, one can achieve a 100% return on investment in just a few months

Installing an I-beam over the BREWHA fermenters and attaching the overhead hoist to a trolley (like is shown at this link) allows the Mash Colander to be easily moved over to where the grain can be dumped out. Quick, and easy. 

Email us at if you have any questions regarding scaleability of the BIAC system.

(For sample budgets with complete equipment, furnishings and renovations see the links below the 3 Dogs Brewpub, and Axe and Arrow Microbrewery videos.)

Click here to go to the BIAC product page to learn more about why the BREWHA system is the simplest way to brew the best beer
Click here to go to the Fermentor page for fermentor pricing
Click here for the 3 Dogs Brewing video, brewery budgets and brewery drawings
Click here for the Axe and Arrow Microbrewery video, brewery budgets and brewery drawings


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Hi Matthew,
For each additional Large 4-in-1 fermenter, you would also probably want two heating element assemblies, a Pressure Relief Valve, and whatever hardware you need for temperature regulation. Once you know your source of chill water, contact me and I can help guide you with the equipment you’ll need.

BREWHA Equipment Co

Hi Nathan,
I’ve emailed you before and been impressed your quick, helpful responses.
I’d be grateful if you could comment on the following, please: let’s say someone buys a complete large nano-brewery and 3 other large 4in1s. (Let’s say “large”, for demonstration). Is that ALL that would be needed? Or would one extra cooling, extra temp controllers, etc, extra cooling jackets?

Many thanks in advance,

Matthew C

Hi Jon,
Thank you for your inquiry. Pictures will be up on the website soon. I will address your other questions directly by email.

BREWHA Equipment Co

Good Morning Nathan,

I see you’ve added a larger system to your BIAC lineup. Do you have pictures of a 5bbl BIAC? I would be interested in dimensions, weight ect. Also, You have a 5bbl brewhouse for about $42k with 3- in- 1s, what would that be with 4- in- 1s?

This is very preliminary research for a business adventure that may not come together, but I like getting facts on the table to see what’s realistic, or possible.

Great product line and concept with the BIAC !!
Thank You,
Jon Williams

Jon Williams

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