Mash Colander Benefits and Specifications

An essential part of the BIAC method of brewing, BREWHA's patent pending Mash Colander allows you to mash directly in the 3-in-1 (or 4-in-1) as well as having the capability to vorlauf by recirculating out the bottom of the BIAC fermenter and back into the system through the port at the top of the colander. The colander functions just like a mash tun with the perforated bottom of the colander serving as the mash screen (wedge wire bottoms also available). It works better than a brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system since grain in the colander can form a proper grain bed, giving you best filtering for better clarity in your wort and the solid walls of the colander allow you to circulate wort through your grain bed giving you consistent temperature control throughout your grain bed and best mash efficiency possible. When mashing is completed, raise the colander out of the fermenter for draining and rinsing your grain. (When brewing with the Medium, Large, 3BBL or 5BBL BIACs—raising the colander can be easily accomplished by using a portable hoist such as shown on this page.)

Your brewing will never be simpler, more sanitary, more enjoyable, more space efficient or provide better tasting results.

 Stainless mash tun Stainless mash tun


BREWHA's Mash Colander brings all of the benefits of the BIAB (Brew In A Bag) system including: 

  1. requiring less equipment 
  2. using less space
  3. taking less time on brew day
  4. costing less money


    And it brings additional features including:

    1. allowing brewing of larger and higher gravity batches since the solid stainless steel won't break like a bag will
    2. being easy to step mash. Since the BIAC operates like a regular mash tun, circulating the wort through it is easy, and you can heat the wort up as it circulate in a RIMS type system using the heating element under the Mash Colander in the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1. By using the digital temperature controller to regulate power to the heating element you can heat wort as it circulates down through the Mash Colander, past the element and back to the top of mash colander. The circulation also ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed through the Mash Colander
    3. brewing 'extreme' beers as you can keep the same water to grist ratios as in a conventional mash tun
    4. clarifying wort because a proper grain filter bed can be formed
    5. achieving as high mash efficiency as any mash tun as it can operate at same water:grist ratios, has the same manner of recirculation causing greatest interaction of enzymes and carbohydrates, and can be sparged as it is withdrawn from the BIAC fermenter


    One small step for mash tuns, one giant leap for brewing.... Mash Colander includes:

    A. three 1.5" sanitary wing-nut tri-clamps
    B. three 1.5" sanitary gaskets
    C. two 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp ferrules
    D. one 1/2" hose barb attached to 1.5" sanitary tri-clamp caps
    E. one 1.5" sanitary valves (full disassembly for cleaning)
    F. one high efficiency mash screen (the bottom of the vessel)
    G. one lid and raised lid handle

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