How to Install and Operate the BREWHA Keg Cleaner

This manual keg washer is an economical way to manually clean kegs.

The cleaner can stand alone or be set inside a BREWHA Large fermenter or 120L Mash Tun. Once spears are pulled, kegs can be inverted and dropped down onto the cleaner.

When cleaning multiple kegs, it is simplest to first rinse them all by connecting the Keg Cleaner to tap water (the bottom fermenter port should have a hose ran to a drain). Once all kegs are rinsed, then the fermenter cone can be filled with water, the water heated close to boiling, and a pump connected to recirculate and heat sanitize the kegs with the hot water. (Or, if desired, an alkaline or acidic wash can be circulated through the kegs, the kegs rinsed, and a sanitizer added for the final cycle.)

For cleaning keg spears, the Sanke Fermenter to Keg Racking Hose can be connected to the pump and a spear, and cleaning/sanitizing solution ran from the fermenter, through the pump, into the Fermenter to Keg Racking Hose, into the Sanke connector, down through the spear, and back into the fermenter. (Note: if running liquid through the Sanke connector in the reverse direction (e.g. down into the spear) the ball or rubber stop valve that prevents back flow into the keg needs to first be removed; it generally just fall outs if the connector is removed)

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Hi Michael — yes, it can work with other tanks. It works well with the 120L Mash Tun for example, and can work with the 80gal HLK. Since the hose carrying water to the apparatus, need to be connected on the inside of the tank, it can be difficult to connect that piece on the larger vessels (e.g. 1.5BBL and larger). Contact us if you were wondering about a specific vessel.

BREWHA Equipment Co

What are the chances that this would also work with something like your 80 gallon (or other capacity) hot liquor tanks?


Hi Nathan — yes, this cleaner is designed to work for microbreweries/brewpubs using BREWHA’s larger commercial systems as it works great for cleaning 10-20 kegs at a time (the amount filled with one or two BREWHA fermenters).

BREWHA Equipment Co

i love this design you are a friggin genius
my question is will it work with the 5bbl BIAC system?


Hi Rob, this is designed to work in the Large 90L/24gal fermenter.

BREWHA Equipment Co

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