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Stainless side blow off assembly

Stainless side blow off assembly

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Makes it easier to connect a blow off hose to the gas off port, or connecting gas in for force carbonating from the top, or connecting the pump to the CIP... In short, this handy assembly will find many useful purposes around your brewery.

60cm/24" x 1.5" sanitary pipe
30cm/12" x 1.5" sanitary pipe
1.5" x 90 elbow
1.5" Tee
1.5" x 0.25" coupling (for pressure gauge) OR 1.5" cap (no gauge)
1.5" clamp and silicone gaskets (6pcs)
1.5" valve

Optional: 1/4" straight stainless NPT pressure gauge can be purchased with the assembly; note that the high temperature limit is 60C/140F so must be sanitized with chemicals, not steam. The gauge is filled with a liquid (silicone) that can be emptied prior to use if so desired; it is meant to dampen vibrations which occur in some applications.

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