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High-Temperature Stainless Coil 1" Kink-Free Silicone Hose

High-Temperature Stainless Coil 1" Kink-Free Silicone Hose

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This food-grade (FDA), high-temp, stainless coil silicone hose will not introduce flavor or odor to water or wort, is safe for temperature up to 105C/220F and has a 100psi working pressure rating at 50C/120F.

Being high temp and food safe it is excellent for hot water and wort. And being very kink-resistant it is great for the jacket hoses on the 3-in-1 conical fermentor, the 4-in-1 conical fermentorBeer brewing Boil Kettle or Condensing Assembly to help ensure that pressure is not allowed to build up in the jacket, damaging the vessel. 

Price listed is per 30.5cm/12". Purchase longer lengths by increasing quantity in the shopping cart. Can be purchased in lengths up to 10m/33'

Available in two sizes:

3/4" * 1-1/16" (19mmID *30.2-31.8mmOD)
1" * 1-3/8" (25.4mmID * 35.2-36.8mmOD)

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