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brewing cold water liquor tank 2BBL

500L/130gal Portable Insulated Hot Liquor Tank

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This tank can be used for heating sparge water and moved around the brewery where needed removing the expense and hassle of a permanently piped vessel. It has a 500L/130gal capacity, is insulated, and has casters for easy portability.

It includes:

  • Solid 304SS construction 
  • a sensor port (ETC, heaters and power controller not included and can be purchased separately)  
  • two lid ports, one for filling the tank and the second for a 3psi PRV valve (if the lid is on, a pressure relief and vacuum breaker valve must be installed -- changing liquid levels cause pressure changes inside a closed tank which can cause damage)
  • four casters and bolts
  • one push bar
  • two 1.5" butterfly valves
  • two 1.5" cap
  • two 1.5" x 90 degree 1/2" hose barb to construct sight glass (hose not included)
  • ten 1.5" clamps
  • ten 1.5" silicone gaskets
  • one 30cm/12" 1.5" TC tube
  • one 1.5" 90 TC
  • two 2" caps
  • two 2" clamps
  • two 2" silicone gaskets
  • two 3" x 2" cap reducer 
  • two 3" clamps
  • two 3" silicone gaskets
  • 3psi PRV

Not included:

Dimensions (approximate):

  • ID 800mm/32"
  • OD 900mm/33"
  • Height including casters 1250mm/49"

NOTE: Might not look exactly as shown in image