Stainless HERMS Hot Liquor Kettle

US$ 799.00 US$ 799.00

Hot liquor tank extraordinaire.

Not just a pot for heating water—with 10 sanitary tri-clamp ferrules and fittings, an unbreakable laser-etched water-level ruler, two sanitary valves, a 1100cm stainless steel HERMS coil, two ferrules allow for inserting a temperature sensor or an analog gauge (not included with vessel), and a 2" sanitary tri-clamp port for easy addition of an electric heating element, this hot liquor tank is far above ordinary. 

The 240L/63gal and 300L/80gal tanks have two heating element ports, and the 300L/80gal tank also comes with a push bar, casters, is insulated with polyurethane foam, and has three additional 1.5" tri-clamp connections for sensors or other purposes. 

Note: includes valves, clamps, gaskets and fittings; sensors/thermometers and heating elements are not included

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