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The freshest beer possible

How to serve the freshest beer

The freshest beer... is beer right out of the fermenter. No transfer hoses, kegs or brite tanks to contaminate, the BREWHA MB BIAC lets you serve your beer straight from the fermenter it was made in. 

The BREWHA MB BIAC's 4-in-1 fermenter is designed to withhold up to 14.9psi of pressure. This is sufficient pressure to be able to force carbonate any style of beer. Once carbonated, the fermenter can be connected directly to a tap for serving, or if chilling is desired, the beer can be served through our new Beverage Chiller and Dispenser (the dispenser can also connect directly to kegs).

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  • @ Marc-Alexandre — the Cornelius style ball lock gas connector is slightly different than the liquid. The gas connector can be purchased with the Fermenter Gas in Post on the ‘Brewing Accessories’ page of the website

    BREWHA Equipment Co
  • For the liquid post, do you take the same model of ball lock from the gas port ?

  • Oxygen will spoil beer within a few days, so the built in air-compressor is meant to be used if taking the Portable Dispenser to party or event, where the keg will be finished within 48hours and/or CO2 is not convenient (e.g. some brewpubs only have large CO2 tanks which don’t transport well). When racking/kegging beer, as Dan pointed out, CO2 should be used to prevent oxidation.

    BREWHA Equipment Co
  • IPAguy, according to the manual (specifically, connection method B on page 11 of the English-language manual), pressurizing with CO2 is an option.In that case you’d presumably want the version of the chiller without the built-in air compressor.

    Dan Cook
  • Question, when it says ’air compressor for forcing beer out of fermentor – does that mean from a connected CO2 container ? or regular air. I presume Oxygen would spoil the batch.


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