Pro brewer reviews the BREWHA BIAC

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Hi, I’m Danny Seeton. I work for Parallel 49 Brewing Company, Vancouver BC.

I’m here to talk to you about the BREWHA system. We have had it for a few months now. We have made more than half a dozen batches on it. It’s pretty great for a small system. If you are a brewery, you don’t have a lot of floor space. We do typically high gravity brews and we dilute down in our fermentors, or we do mixed batches with 2-4 batches into a single fermentor. This is pretty great as it gives you a nice opportunity to do test batches.

As far as reproduction/reproducibility goes, it has a really great mash temperature control system. So your mash temperature is held consistent…electric element and recirc….it has more control that we even use in our mash tun in the brewery so you can definitely make reproducible mashes, really dial in the mash temperature, have the correct amount of body and attenuation that you are looking for…the dextrine content…yah, it has been really good for that. It’s the first electric system I have ever used; it heats up really fast, been pretty fantastic for that.

Another benefit of the BREWHA BIAC is the sanitation point—as far as the jacketed chiller, as opposed to running through a plate chiller, I suppose the breweries will use one, but the small ones are an absolute nightmare to clean, to backflush and some of them aren’t really designed well for it. This thing is really easy to clean. I’ve had no problems with contamination from batch to batch. It works quite well! Honestly you recirc in a jacketed, it is not that different from using an immersion and it chills down just fine, and it is super easy to clean.

The manufacturing quality is fantastic. The steel is really good, the welds are polished, it’s super easy to clean.

If you are really worried about floor space, especially in small breweries it’s a big deal…it’s a great system overall!

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  • What BBL size is the BIAC is used at 49 Brewing Co? Thanks

    Tre Balton

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